Arm Lift Surgery in İzmir, Turkey

Arm Lift

By the influence of the advancing age or by weight gain, sagging in the upper and inner parts of arm occurs. Arm lift surgery can be performed to relieve this pendulum.
If there is a skin pendulum in your arm, elliptical skin is removed from the loose inner part of the arm. In patients with reduced skin elasticity and severe weight loss, beautiful shape is achieved with arm lift.
In patients with good elasticity of the skin and excess fat in the arm area, the arm is thinned by liposuction.
Both surgeries can be performed with local anesthesia or general anesthesia according to the wishes of the patient. The duration of the operation lasts approximately 1.5-2 hours.
Post-surgery is not painful and recovery is rapid.

Why Turkey is Best Option for Arm Lift Turkey Surgery in Abroad?

Arm lift surgery is a procedure that removes extra fat and skin from the body. Turkey is known for having the best arm lift procedures. The process necessary for the surgery demonstrates why Turkey is the best option for arm lift surgery. Every country train doctors in its own way, these doctors gain certain experiences. Every doctor is famous for his skills. Doctors in Turkey have built their reputation with high success. This shows how successful they have achieved. Therefore, thanks to Turkish experts, Turkey is the best country for arm lift surgery. This is the reason why we say it is the best option.

 Is Turkey Good for Arm Lift Turkey?

Turkey is the best in arm lift surgery as in other health surgeries. You are in the hands of highly qualified doctors. In this way, there will be no setbacks or complications for you. Expert doctors do their job in the best way. They can do this for you because they have all the knowledge and experience. Arm lift is an operation that requires a lot of attention. The slightest mistake can cause irreversible consequences. That’s why attention is important. Your best option is Turkey. The best and most experienced doctors, experts and their team are always ready for you.

 Is it Safe to Have Arm Lift in Turkey?

People can gain a lot of weight after arm lift surgery, and if they remove this weight, the loose skin will return. In both cases, potential arm laxity will be significantly reduced compared to before arm lift surgery.

Patients who have an arm lift in Turkey to remove loose skin on their arms have a more toned upper arm. Arm lift outcomes can typically be long lasting as long as clients maintain a healthy lifestyle and consume a balanced diet. As a result, we can state that such a surgery is risk free. Operations without these are very intense in Turkey so it is very safe to be here.

 Why Turkey is Cheap for Arm Lift Turkey?

Arm lift Turkey costs vary based on the procedure used during the surgery and the patient’s medical condition. In average, arm lift surgery in Turkey costs around half as much as it does in the United Kingdom, the United States, or Europe. The lower labour expenses in Turkey, the considerably lower value of the currency, and government subsidies to the Turkish medical tourism business all contribute to the lower arm lift surgery cost Turkey.

Low cost arm lift Turkey costs attract more patients than any other European country, implying that Turkish surgeons are often more skilled than their European counterparts.