Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) and Buttock Augmentation


Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) and Buttock Augmentation

Although buttocks are very important for increasing the attractiveness of the female body, there has been a significant demand for buttock augmentation with the popularity Kardashians in recent years. After the change of public view of the beauty icons, more and more brazilian butt lift and buttock augmentation operations
are performed.

What are the Elements that Determine the Beauty of the Buttocks and How Ideal Buttock Shape Should Be?

The main elements that determine the beauty of the buttocks are the form (ie shape) and size of the hip. Many factors contribute to the beauty of the buttock shape. The size of the pelvis (hip) bones, the size and shape of the gluteal muscle (hip area), distribution and amount of the fat layer on the gluteal muscle determines the shape. In addition, the relation and passage of the hip with the waist, the lower fold of the hip, and the transition with the leg interior can be summarized as the main factors contributing to the beauty. An ideal butt shape can be like a soccer ball with a rough expression, which is proportional to the volumes mentioned above, but it should be a little more flat.
Who is candidate for Buttock Augmentation and Brazilian Butt Lift

First of all, all women and even some men who are 17 years old and not satisfied with the shape of the butt and / or the size of the butt. People with excess fat on the abdomen and back with little buttocks are also great candidates.

What are the Buttock Augmentation Methods?