Midface Lift Surgery in İzmir, Turkey

Midface Lift

From a topographical point of view, theare between middle of the eye and start of lower lip can be defined as midface. From plastic surgery point of view, lower lid cheek junction and the cheek fat pads and malar highlights are themain targets.

Why Midfacelift Surgery

Mid-face lifting is the process of moving the sagged soft tissues, which are above the cheek bone. The fullness of our cheekbones does not depend solely on the significance of the underlying bone structure. The soft tissue on the cheekbones gives us both a fit and a beautiful appearance.
This procedure can be performed with lower eyelid surgery or can be planned as a separate operation. This method also gives a comfortable appearance to patients with complaints of tiredness.
Suitable young patients may have a more oval and attractive face with mid-face lifting. Midface lift surgery is used for the purpose of beautification in young patients and rejuvenation for the older ones.
Although recovery period is longer than the other facial rejuvenation procedures, midfacelift surgery is extremely rewarding for the patients.

Why Turkey is Best Option for Mid-face Lift in Turkey Surgery in Abroad?

Mid-face lift surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in Turkey today. Many people in Turkey have mid-face lift surgery on a regular basis. This medical procedure’s major goal is to make your facial skin smooth and youthful looking. Turkey is the finest candidate for this. Turkey has won the world championship in these medical surgeries. That is why we recommend this country. Every surgeon in Turkey is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in his field. You can have this surgery anywhere but we tell you the best. We also recommend you not to have an operation in an unfamiliar place.

Is Turkey Good for Mid-face Lift in Turkey?

Sun damage, stress, a lack of time to rest, and a polluted environment are the main current causes contributing to skin aging, and all of these can exacerbate having an aged-looking face. Cosmetic clinics and hospitals, on the other hand, can help you look younger and more appealing. We offer the most advanced technology and the greatest professionals in Turkey that are specially educated to make you feel and look better. If you want to have a good surgery, what you need to do is a good research. It is impossible to do this research and not find a good clinic or doctor in Turkey.

Is it Safe to Have Mid-face Lift in Turkey?

Of course, any surgery carries some risk; nevertheless, we are pleased to report that the risk for a facelift is small. If you force yourself in any way after the treatment, the danger of infection or hematoma is low; however, it is critical to keep your wounds clean. Notable problems are quite rare. Before surgery, your Turkish surgeon will always discuss potential risks with you. This will ensure a safe surgical procedure. Your doctor and team will take care of you throughout your surgery. Therefore, you will not be likely to experience any problems. You can be very comfortable about this. 

Why Turkey is Cheap for Mid-face Lift in Turkey?

A mid-face lift operation in Turkey might cost between $3,500 and $5,000. This is the question on everyone’s mind. Why is mid-face lift surgery so inexpensive in Turkey? There are compelling reasons for this. Prices are often one third of those in Europe or the United States, medical facilities are frequently of the highest quality, and doctors have developed specialized competence in specific aesthetic treatments. Turkey is both the best and the cheapest country in mid-face lift worldwide. The reason why it is so cheap is the economy, as we can all guess. The fact that currencies are converted to each other at a certain rate provides this cheapness.