Fillers are widely used today for beautification. In general, the main substance of the fillers is a substance found in the human body called hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a safe substance with minimal side effects.
Fillings are very easy to apply. The process time is usually 10 to 15 minutes. No anesthesia is required for the procedure. It is sufficient to apply local anesthetic creams half an hour before the procedure. After the procedure no dressing or special care is needed and there is no scar. Depending on the area used in your body and the characteristics of the filler, the permanency of the filler can range from 6 months to 24 months. The duration of this permanence may vary from person to person.

Where do we use fillers?

The region where the fillings are most frequently used is the face. One of the most important features of facial beauty is the volume. Fuller lips and cheeks, protruding cheekbones and pronounced chin are more attractive features of the human face. By taking advantage of the of the fillers it is possible to create more attractive faces and to eliminate some signs of aging.
Fillers are commonly used to reduce fine and deep wrinkles. In order to reduce fine wrinkles, it is possible to inject fillers into the skin or deep under the skin to reduce deeper wrinkles.

There are also fillers used to reduce darkness of the eyelids and under eye circles.
Hyaluronic acid, the main ingredient of the filler, is a very strong water retainer. This feature makes it look more vivid and healthy. Some antioxidants have been added to some new filler types to enhance the refreshing properties of these fillers.


Filler Applications

• Lip thickening, volume enhancement of the cheek and face
• Eye circles
• Making the jaw more prominent or more oval than desired
• Fix thin and deep wrinkles in the face
• Fix facial mimic lines
• Make your skin more vivid and vigorous
• Correcting the tear through deformity
• Light fill
• Nasolabial line (cheek line) reduction
• Marionet lines
• Reducing acne scaring and other signs
• Nose job without surgery (non-surgical nose job)
• Reduction of wrinkles on hands and hand rejuvenation