Male Breast Hypertrophy (Gynecomasty)


Male Breast Hypertrophy (Gynecomasty)

Why Breast Enlargement in Men (Gnecomastia) ?
Basically, the male breast and female breast are similar in structure; the estrogen hormone enlarges the breast and provides female breast formation. Breast growth in men has many reasons. Some diseases (cirrhosis etc), certain drugs, anabolic drugs used to improve the body may cause gynecomastia. But the reason for most of the cases is uncertain. In some of the adolescents gynecomastia occurs as a natural process. After puberty, this situation is usually the last. However, gynecomastia that develops after puberty or does not develop in adolescence has only one treatment, which is surgery.
Gynecomasty Surgery

Breast enlargement in the male may appear in a wide range of forms, from a slightly more pronounced nipple to a female breast-like formation. Treatment of all of these spectrum is surgical because, contrary to what you might think, gynecomastia does not improve in exercises such as sports and fitness. The surgery can be performed by general or local anesthesia.

This surgery takes about 1-2 hours on average according to the size of the breast. Liposuction or open surgery can be performed depending on the size and content of the breast, and sometimes these two conditions can be combined.

Post-operative process is not painful. Special corsets are used after the operation. The return to work is 3 days. This time is longer in heavy physical work.


Unlike women, men are very unhappy when they have breast hypertrophy. In fact, this situation can be corrected with an operation that is not too difficult and the patients are very satisfied with the results of the surgery. The biggest regret that patients experience after these surgeries is why they have not had this surgery earlier.

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