Post-Bariatric Body Contouring in İzmir, Turkey

İzmir is one of the cheapest and best city for people who come to Turkey for post-bariatric body contouring. The cost of post-bariatric body contouring in İzmir is about 4.000$ in 3.250£ which is the best option compared to other cities. Candan Mezili’s Clinic is the one of the most popular clinic for post-bariatric body contouring in İzmir.

You can find out all details about the post-bariatric body contouring in İzmir such as our clinic’s patients reviews, costs, before & after photos for post-bariatric body contouring in İzmir. If you want to get in touch for post-bariatric body contouring packages in Turkey, contact us via Whatsapp or options below.

Bariatric Surgery and Aesthetic Surgery After Weight Loss

Bariatric Surgery (obesity surgery) is a group of surgical procedures that provides a person to lose weight quickly. Bariatric Surgery operations are extremely serious operations and are performed by general surgeons. After these surgeries, the patients quickly lose weight and recover their health. However, skin excess occurs in weight-lost patients. Aesthetic surgeries are performed to relieve the bad appearance due to this sagginess. In order to be able to perform these surgeries, a certain period must pass after obesity surgery, and the patients' metabolic status has stabilized and their weight loss has to be completed. This period is usually at least 1 year. After a bariatric surgery, a series of surgeries can be performed to relieve the sagginess of the patients who lose weight and correct the parts of the body that are deformed. When these surgeries are planned, the needs, health status and age of the person are counted. Usually, surgery is required in more than one region, and these surgeries can be combined. After bariatric surgery, the person has attained a thin body by weight loss, but in many patients the skin, which has widened when overweight, cannot adapt to the slim new body and skin sagging occurs. This is like being medium (M) size and wearing XXL clothes, of course the clothes will not look good. At this point, post-obesity aesthetic surgery enters the circuit. Body shaping and contouring are done by a series of operation and excess skin is removed. Surgical scars are placed in areas that are not visible as far as possible.

Cosmetic Operations After Weight Loss

• Face and neck lift • Fat injection • Arm lift • Breast alift • Breast augmentation and lift • Back lift • Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) • Abdominoplasty and circumferential abdominoplasty • Body lift • Thigh Lift

Why Turkey is Best Option for Post-Bariatric Body Contouring Surgery in Abroad?

Regardless of the precautions taken with diet or bariatric surgery, extra skin sagging will develop in numerous areas of the body. The quantity of excess varies from individual to person. Plastic surgery procedures are performed on these locations to address the sagging skin. These are operations that must be carried out with extreme caution. The smallest error might result in bodily abnormalities. Of course, the best people for the job are in Turkey. So, this is the most compelling incentive for you to select Turkey. When you think about it, wouldn’t it be unreasonable to choose another country when Turkey is the best option? We think the same about this.

Is Turkey Good for Post-Bariatric Body Contouring?

Turkey ranks first in many health surgeries. This is also a field of surgery where it is good. In this way, we hear Turkey’s name in very good places. You can have a nice surgery by coming to Turkey. We tell you this with all sincerity. That’s why everyone is flocking here, but that’s not a bad thing either. That’s why Turkey’s name is so beautiful. One goes, says to his friend, continues like this to the other friend. Thus, goodness circulates from language to language, even from country to country. And Turkey continues to prove that it is good at this.

Is it Safe to Have Post-Bariatric Body Contouring in Turkey?

Dr. Candan Mezili is doing operation in Izmir, Turkey
Dr. Candan Mezili is doing operation in Izmir, Turkey

Body contouring is generally a safe operation, however there are certain hazards involved. People who have lost a significant amount of weight may be at a higher risk of complications than those who have had this surgery for other reasons. This operation has resulted in several problems. But these are not things to be concerned about. These are typically determined by the doctor doing the surgery and you. The operation, however, is risk-free. Your risks are determined by your age, weight loss, overall health, and the amount of tissue that needs to be removed. Inquire with your surgeon about the dangers that may apply to you.

Why Turkey is Cheap for Post-Bariatric Body Contouring?

Let’s take a look at them first and then explain why they’re so cheap. There are numerous factors that might influence the overall cost of surgery, including:

  • Hospital location and kind
  • A surgeon’s fee
  • The seriousness of the patient’s condition
  • Room classification
  • Recovery time after post-bariatric surgery
  • Long term treatments

The overall cost of full body lift surgery in Turkey includes drugs, hospitalization, and other expenses. Even when expenses are deducted, it is quite cost effective. The cost varies between hospitals depending on a variety of criteria, but usually remains within an acceptable range. This is because of economic principles.

Post-Bariatric Body Contouring Reviews in İzmir, Turkey

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How Do I Tone my Body After Bariatric Surgery?

Strength training is essential for maintaining lean muscle mass. Maintaining muscle mass means preserving your body’s calorie burning engine. When it comes to strength training, it is critical to begin slowly. Begin with 1-5 pound weights and gradually increase weight until you can complete three sets of 15-20 reps. If you experience sharp pain, stop immediately and try a different exercise. Lunges, squats, and weight lifting are all excellent bariatric exercises for strength training. Sit-ups, crunches, and other core exercises can also be an excellent post-bariatric surgery toning exercise, producing greater core strength to prevent future injuries.

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