Prominent Ear


Prominent Ear (Cup Ear), Ear Aesthetics

Prominent ear is the most frequent problem of ear deformities. Rupture of the earlobe, earlobe being large or small, the upper part of the ear being curled (cup ear), and inadequate development called microtia are other important ear problems.

When Should Prominent Ear Operation Be Performed?

In children, at the age of 4 years, 85% of the ear development is completed. As a result, ear repair operations can be performed in the pre-school period. Prominent ear correction on this side is an operation that can be performed both in adults and children. If this surgery is done in children, 5-6 years is enough. However, as a surgeon, my personal approach is that to wait until children are willing to correct the their ear deformity at any age. If the child is willing to correct the ear, he or she is in very good cooperation with the surgeon and post-operative process. Children who come to us with the advice of their mother and father often find it difficult to adapt.
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Prominent Ear Surgery

This surgery is done by local anesthesia in adults and children above a certain maturity level. In young children, it is done with general anesthesia. Prominent ear correction is a serious surgery that must be performed by Plastic Surgeons under operating room conditions.
The operation time is 1.5-2 hours. Since the surgery is done with incision behind the ear, there is no visible scar. Post-surgery is not painful and simple pain killers are sufficient. The return to work usually takes 2- 3 days.

It is a high-level satisfaction surgery when the prominent ear surgery is done properly.