Secondary Nosejob


Secondary Nosejob, Secondary Rhinoplasty, Revision Rhinoplasty

What is Revision Rhinoplasty?
It is a rhinoplasty operation to be performed for those were not satisfied with the result of the previous nose job.

How Do You Choose Your Surgeon?

Here we need to distinguish between simple revision operations and secondary rhinoplasty or revision rhinoplasty. Simple revision surgeries are done to make small adjustments. So if you had a nasal aesthetic surgery and you were generally satisfied with the outcome and you need very minor fixations, this is a simple revision procedure. It is useful to have a revision procedure with a doctor who has already operated on you because you had a successful operation before. However, if you have had previous nose surgery and severe deformities or if your nose is very artificial, then it is not a good idea to have your nose surgery performed for the second time by the same surgeon. For the second time, nose aesthetics (revision rhinoplasty) operations are technically difficult operations requiring experience. So your choice of surgeon is very important if you decide to have this surgery.

Principles For The Success of the Revision Rhinoplasty

  • Adequate recovery time for tissue healing after the first operation
  • Skillful Surgeon
  • Diagnose problems correctly
  • Use of tissue reserve smartly
  • Accurate Determination of Expectations

Accurate Determination of Expectations
Adequate Time for Recovery Of The Tissues After the First Operation
Skillful Surgeon
Smart Usage of Tissue Reserves
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