Skin Tumors


Skin Tumors, Facial Skin Tumors and Skin Cancers

Skin tumors are usually seen in advancing age. Sunlight exposure for years is one of the main causes. These skin cancers are divided within the species themselves and these kinds have their own behavior. Below, the most common skin cancer types will be briefly explained. These cancers occur all over the body, but most commonly occur in areas exposed to the sun, such as face and hand.
Skin Cancer Types

Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) is not a typical cancer. Spreading to other organs does not happen. BCC does not cause death. It usually grows slowly. It damages the area. It may emerge in the form of new unexplained wounds, pale pink rounded masses or brown skin lesions on the face. The treatment is the surgical excision.


Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) This cancer is somewhat more aggressive than BCC. It grows faster. It usually occurs in the form of a wound with a middle ulcer. If the mass is big, it usually smells bad. Flat epithelium skin cancers primarily spread to the lymph nodes and can spread to distant organs lately. The treatment is the surgical excision. In the early stage surgery is sufficient. Other oncologic treatment protocols are applied for advanced tumors after surgical excision.


Malignant Melanoma (MM) One of the worst cancer types. It can even jump into internal organs early on. It may appear as color change of an old mole in the body or new mass with darkening. The treatment is the surgical.

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