Tipplasty (Nasal Tip Surgery)

The contribution to the beauty of the nose is undeniable and a beautiful nose is a must. For this reason, it has emerged recently that a new operation nomenclature has been presented in simplified and facilitated form of nasal surgery, nasal aesthetics, simple tipplasty. This method can be done with local anesthesia, short duration and simpler operation is the basic advantages. In this section I will especially talk about my thoughts on this topic.


This method is usually for people who does not complain too much from the dorsum of the nose. At first, it sounds like a great method for the ears, but it is not that simple because nose beauty and harmony depend on delicate balances due to subtle nuances. A beautiful and natural appearance of a nose depends on the ratio of the width of the nose and the nose and the thickness of the nose and the bone ridge. Accordingly, if a nasal region is interfered with, the appearance of other regions of the nose is affected. That is, when the nose tip is intervened, the appearance of the entire nose or nose will change. For this reason, before doing a limited operation on your nose tip, balance within the nose should be evaluated very well. It is important to evaluate how the process of correcting the tip of the nose will affect the harmony of the nose itself.


The most dangerous thing in this case is to look at the person in the mirror and find your nose tip a bit low or wide, and then apply the solution plan to the doctor. Your nose tip may be slightly lower or slightly rougher than you want. What do you think about the harmony of your nose with its dorsum or the width of the bone roof? What is your idea of how well your face looks and how natural it looks, and how will all these relationships and proportions change when you just make a nose tip surgery when you?

In short, for all these reasons, I think that simple nasal nasal tip surgery are so simple and not good for every patient. Especially in patients with thick skin I see widespread outcomes and complications after this procedure. For all these reasons, I am practicing limited surgery on the nose tip in a limited patient group.